Tuesday, March 6

love for the dirty faces

dirty faces @ gooski's

Dirty Faces played Gooski's this past Saturday night and, as always, they delivered a kick ass set. I've been seeing the Dirty Faces, in one form or another, for the past ten years and it's always a somewhat emotional experience. I can't really explain it well because I am never good at explaining such things, but for whatever reason, the music has become a seminal part of my existence. Perhaps it's because they have inspired me to take more photos than any other band (or at least that's my guess). T. Glitter has long been something of a photographic muse for me, and when he performs, I have to take picures. But the band as a whole has so much energy, it is hard not be inspired. Or perhaps it is because I know so much of their history and it is somehow entangled with my own. All I know is that the band and their music means a great deal to me, and on Saturday night, I couldn't help but feel sad that outside of the show on March 15th, I won't be seeing them perform again for a long time. Sure, I've moved away before, but New York City is only a 6 or 7 hour drive and they played somewhat frequent shows there. Santa Fe is a 24 or 25 hour drive and somehow I doubt they'll be playing a show there anytime soon. I hope I am not sounding melodramatic here, because that is not my intention. One of the things that has meant the most to me in Pittsburgh is the music scene and it is hard to imagine leaving it behind.

That said, I made a slideshow of the show on Saturday night for your viewing pleasure. Sometimes I think show pictures look best when viewed somewhat quickly becuase it allows the feeling of continuous action - ROCK - to come across. Just click the button below. Oh, and I recommend listening to a Dirty Faces tune while you watch.

View slideshow

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