Tuesday, March 6

flickr favs tuesday

Lots of good stuff on Flickr this past week.

Gayla's colours. yes, I am ready for Spring!
Curious Bird's tulips. sweet, and I like the depth of field (or lack of it).
johanna's snap. wonderful patterns.
bugheart's feb21. perfect.
Vixgirl's come-in collection. and also steak expert. excellent signs.
Shari's baboon and the ocean. awe-inspiring.
somirasao's first oz sunset with james. stunning.

Also, Armando has a great post today, about Todd Hido and his work. Todd Hido's work is beautiful and amazing. The quote that Armando references, regarding Todd on his work really struck me.

There must be something more, some emotional hook for it to really work for me.

There is a link to the full interview and a video of Todd in action; you should go check it out.

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