Saturday, May 24

'Roid Week - Day Five (Faves)

It is always hard to say good-bye to Roid Week. And this year, the work in the pool has been extra mind-blowing and magical. I'm so glad that there is another week of this magic coming in October! Check out the group pool here.

1. .., 2. say cheese, 3. Friday I, 4. Roidweek #6, 5. Creepoid, 6. Passage, Getty Center, 7. gone gone gone, 8. Abstracts, 9. clouded dome, 10. In The Mountains, 11. SansTitre, 12. The last day., 13. Solace, 14. orange chair, 15. the waters of the night..., 16. Totoro In the Woods, 17. Untitled, 18. orkie, 19. Untitled, 20. i'm trying to find my way home, 21. Realm, 22. Untitled, 23. absolutely free, 24. all that matters, 25. The watch tower, 26. Mo, 27. the glen, so close, 28. Untitled, 29. 'Roid Week #9, 30. Hummingbird, Black Frame, 31. territories, 32. Untitled, 33. Mirrored Thoughts., 34. The Blue Tree, 35. Fishy, fishy, fishy, fish., 36. Crow (Spirit animal).

1. Untitled, 2. "And I sit here without identity: faceless. My head aches." ~Sylvia Plath, 3. Untitled, 4. 'Roid Week Sunset, 5. Untitled, 6. friday, 7. friday afternoon roid week finale, 8. Untitled, 9. Untitled, 10. Reflections of..., 11. Beneath white wings..., 12. My scanner is not letting me participate fully in #roidweek I wanted to share this #timezero #polaroid #believeinfilm #filmisnotdead I have thoroughly enjoyed everyone's work this week, 13. Muir Woods., 14. hwy 1 lift, 15. Sea Lion Cove, 16. tree lights, 17. one is exhausted now, 18. Africa Sunset + Lion + Instant Lab double exposure, 19. stark, 20. Model Shot - Roid Week 2014 day 5, 21. Untitled, 22. Untitled, 23. At Snow Canyon, 24. spring flames, 25. flying off into the sunset..., 26. zee_parapluIMG_0007, 27. #Roidweek Day 5, Picture 14: Dreamy Deer, 28. I'll keep looking for the light, 29. looking at you, 30. spectra close-up lens, 31. Polaroid Love Affair - Longing, 32. Pixel | Polaroid Week Day 5 | Impossible Project Cyanograph | Spirit 600, 33. Off the Rails, 34. Untitled, 35. Day 5 - Michael (over exposed), 36. ***

Some of the photos don't show up because they lack the proper permission (to be used with Big Huge Labs) from the photographer, but you can follow the links below each mosaic to view each photograph.

[Created with the Mosaic Maker.]


  1. Thank you so much for including my photo here! I'm still trying to process all the inspiration I got during Polaroid Week. I want to sit down and make notes on things I want to try and ideas I got looking at everyones photos.

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