Wednesday, December 5

Things to do today.

[Polaroid SLR680SE + Pigeonhole PX680 Color Protection film]

I'm a bit stumped about my to do list today. I thought we were going to have more company today so I busted out everything I needed/wanted to get done on Monday and Tuesday. So now I have a free day ahead of me. It's a bit too early to start on my packing/vacation lists. I feel like there is something terribly important that I need to do, but I have no idea what it is! Today's list is more like a list of options as opposed to stuff that I have to get done. (Except the run. I will definitely be doing that.)

  1. Run (still not getting out early enough, but oh well)
  2. Write in my journal
  3. Write a letter
  4. Hand wash some delicate things
  5. Take some photos
  6. Knit
  7. Relax and enjoy the day!

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