Saturday, September 22

What happens when you are a film hoarder.

Sometimes you find film in the back of the fridge that you've had for a really long time. Not because  you didn't want to use it, but maybe you buy too much film and then get distracted by the newer films and forget about the stuff in the back of the fridge.

Then you decide to take said film on a day trip and get mildly bummed when the first shot comes out reddish and dark. But then you realize that the film is dated 06/2010 and  so it's not really a surprise that it's funky. Plus it is really sunny and hot. And it's your own fault for buying so much damn film and then not using it in a timely fashion.

You shoot a couple more photos on the day trip and they all come out reddish and dark so you give up on that film and switch to your other cameras.

When you get home, you decide to just shoot off the rest of the pack so you can use something else in that camera. You decide to turn the flash on just to see what happens. The image comes out slightly lighter so you shoot the rest of the pack with the flash and some of the photos come out okay and some don't.

You don't really care. You have more film because you are a film hoarder. And funky isn't always a bad thing. The reddish dark images start to grow on you anyway so you decide to scan the best of the lot and post them. Because that's what you do.

St. Thomas Church





[Polaroid Spectra + PZ600 Silver Shade film, expired 06/2010]

The last shot you take is a self-portrait and you make a funny face because you don't want the flash in your eyes and you figure it's going to come out reddish and dark anyway. Of course it's comes out better than all the rest.

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