Thursday, September 20

Abiquiu and Pedernal Peak.

In my birthday post, I mentioned taking a road trip north to Abiquiu and Abiquiu Lake. These are some of the photos that I took.

Pedernal Peak
[Polaroid SLR 680SE + PX680 V4C Test Film (Color Protection Formula)]

View of Pedernal Peak, also known as Georgia O'Keeffe's favorite mountain in New Mexico. This mountain is actually one of the main reasons I wanted to drive out this way. I've always loved Georgia O'Keeffe and I really wanted to get some photos of "her" mountain. She had a view of this flat topped mountain from her Ghost Ranch home and painted it frequently. I also just read that some of her ashes were spread atop of it, but I have no idea if that's actually true. Perhaps next year we'll try to hike it.

[Polaroid SLR 680SE + PX680 Cool]

Will standing next to the tree we both liked at Abiquiu Dam, overlooking Abiquiu Lake. We wanted to get closer to the water but couldn't quite figure out how on this day. It's a beautiful lake and looked quite inviting considering the temperature was in the mid-90s that day!

St. Thomas Church
[Polaroid SLR 680SE + PX680 V4C Test Film (Color Protection Formula)]

St. Thomas Church in Abiquiu. Abiquiu is a tiny, tiny village. Georgia O' Keeffe lived there as well until she found her home at Ghost Ranch. There's not much to it, although I recently found out there is a lavender farm out there that would be fun to visit. We drove around the dirt roads for awhile, but I kind of felt like we intruding on the peacefulness that the residents probably seek out there.

It was a good trip and I was really excited about Pedernal Peak. We hope to continue exploring more of northern New Mexico.

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  1. Cool photos! I love Georgia O'Keefe too! Don't her and Alfred have an interesting story?


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