Wednesday, May 30

Bye bye May!

I can't believe that tomorrow is already the last day of May. I don't know where the time goes, seriously. No matter what's going on, it just flies by. So cliche, I know, but so true!

May was mostly filled with good things around here. The weather has been super nice and so early in the month, I started working on the garden a lot.

I used to garden rather recklessly, just buying whatever caught my fancy. But these days, I usually have a plan. It's so dry here and we have don't have the best soil so now it's all about finding things that work well in such conditions and planting a lot of perennials that hopefully will return each year. Last year was one of my worst gardening years ever, but so far things are looking good this year. Today I planted a billion seeds and except for some starter zinnia plants and dahlias for some of my pots, I am done planting. Fingers crossed that everything takes and does well!

The first weekend in May, Will played a few rock shows with some friends. Both nights were fun, although the second night was more enjoyable for me because the show started much earlier. So I actually got a little gussied up.

It was fun and the music sounded great at the venue. (Although apparently the venue didn't like it so much as they were told they would not be invited back. Go figure.)

That same weekend, I did a little photo shoot for Words To Shoot By.

The word was "chair" and I was quite pleased with the results. It was a lot of fun shooting double exposures as well! [All images were shot with a Polaroid Automatic 250 camera and expired Polaroid 690 film.]

The Impossible Project
does this really great interview series called "8 Exposures." I was invited to participate in the series and man, I can't even tell you how excited and honored I am to have been included in it. It really made my day. For a lot of days in a row!


I am not super confident about putting myself out there so of course I agonized over each and every answer. I wanted to be true to myself without sounding like a total dork. And I had numerous friends proofread it for me. In the end, I felt good about it. It doesn't sound sophisticated and arty, but I guess that's not really who I am. I think it mostly sounds like me. I love instant film and I get excited about all the new films and cats and flowers and oceans and birds. And road trips.

Anyway, the interview came out on May 7th and you can find it here.

May also brings our anniversary, this year was our 8th! Eight years! Crazy. We both had to work all day and the weather was windy and cold so our original dinner plans didn't work out. Instead we had giant burgers at Rio Chama.

One anniversary tradition is getting dressed up and taking photos before we go out. This year, we just couldn't do it. Will didn't get home until 7:00 and by then, all we wanted to do was go out and get some food. So no dressing up and no photo shoot. When we got home, I did manage to take one shot of us.

We were both exhausted so it's not the best photo, but hey, we're happy! [Taken with a Polaroid Spectra camera + Polaroid Softtone film.] We still hope to get dressed up and go out at some point this summer.

And then...Meesh moved to Brooklyn! With his mama, of course. His mama was one of our tenants, and one of the best tenants we've had. And Meesh, well, I fell in love with Meesh. There were occasional skirmishes with our cats, but for the most part, they all got along. Meesh is so furry and sweet and he loved to watch us through our big front window. (Okay, so that was creepy sometimes.) I am happy for the adventures ahead for his mama, but very sad to see Meesh go. I still miss him.

But hey, we got a new table!

It's bigger than our other one (which now lives in the laundry room) so we could actually have a dinner party and seat 8 people comfortably. Now if only we had 6 friends to invite over for dinner, haha!

Will + Rocky

Will celebrated his 36th birthday on May 12th. We had a few folks over for a cook out and had a blast. I love this shot of Will and Rocky. Rocky LOVES to hang out when Will grills so it's a familiar sight. [Photo taken with a Polaroid SLR 680 SE + PX680 Gold Frame film from The Impossible Project.]

All the while, I kept gardening, running, running A LOT actually, knitting and working at the gallery some.

So of course I had to take a picture of my feet on some of the pretty rugs there.

And then came my sister's wedding and my youngest niece's high school graduation. Will and I went up to Albuquerque for the weekend and it was so much fun. All three of my nieces were home which was quite a treat. We don't get to see all of them at once that often anymore. And it's probably even going to be less as time goes on and they can't make it home as often. They are just the most wonderful girls ever. I love them so much.



My sister's wedding took place about 10 minutes before my niece's graduation party! My dad walked her up the pathway in the backyard, they exchanged their vows in front of the judge and that was that! I think it was actually a few minutes longer than our wedding at City Hall in Manhattan!

We're really happy for her and her husband, Mike. They seem to be just perfect for each other.

The next day we went to my niece's graduation ceremony. Only something like 6 more graduations to go! Good grief are those ceremonies long and boring. Sorry, but it's true. I spent most of the time giggling with my other nieces and playing Scramble with Friends. Yeah, I know, I should act like an adult. Haha!

Somehow I managed to lose my sunglasses at the ceremony. Perhaps my punishment for not paying attention to all the speeches. I don't know, but I rarely lose anything and it drives me crazy when I do. We went back to our seats and searched for them, but nothing. And I called the next day and nothing. I am actually more bummed about losing my sunglasses case than the glasses themselves. It's one that I got when I was in Spain in 2001 and it had a lot of sentimental value. Oh well. At least I didn't lose my phone. Or my wallet.

And now I have new sunglasses.

This past week has been more running, gardening, knitting, and playing around with this fun app, InstaCRT.

Oh, and Ben shaved his head!

I'm sure there are a million more things that I could share, but I think that's enough, yes? Yes! I still hope to get back to regular blogging because I do miss it. It's just so easy to get caught up in daily life...and while it does include being on the computer, it doesn't always include taking the time to blog.

All in all, things are good. There are things that could be better, but there always are, right? And I am working on some of them and crossing my fingers on others. And we're always dreaming of places that we'd rather be, but we're here and we're going to make the most of it.

Here's to a happy June!!


  1. So glad things are well, darlin'! I love hearing about your life and seeing all the pictures. I miss you madly and hope you have a fantastic June!! Come visit Boston anytime :)

  2. Your May sounds amazing and busy and wonderful! I think you look fantastic all gussied up for Will's show and your chair photos are AMAZING!

  3. I'm glad I finally get to catch up via your blog - you look adorable in that black dress and your boots! I am going to write a proper email/letter soon.


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