Monday, November 28

The boys.

[Polaroid Spectra + Softtone film]

I can't help but smile every time that I look at this photo. It's one of my all-time favorite shots of the cats.

Both of them LOVE to sleep on the futon in the back room when it's put down for guests. I have no idea why, perhaps they think that we put it down especially for them. But usually when I walk back there, there's only one cat on the futon. This particular day, I rounded the corner and was shocked to see them both napping on it. Albeit on opposite ends, but still, it's a rare occurrence. Naturally I immediately backtracked to my office for a camera.

I was positive that in the few minutes it took for me to grab a camera, one of them would leave, but no, they stayed. And they stayed while I fussed with the camera and tried to get it lined up perfectly, trying to remember if the Spectra shifts one way or another sometimes.

I wanted to get them both looking at me, but once I was ready, Simon had looked away and I figured I didn't have much time left. Snap! And I actually kind of love that Simon is looking at Rocky. It basically sums up their relationship, that look of "what the hell are you doing here?!"

They have lived together for almost 7.5 years now (I got Rocky in 1999 and Will got Simon in 2000 before we met each other) and still they can only manage to tolerate each other. They is no kitty love between them at all. Both want to be the only cat and the alpha cat. Sometimes I wonder how many of Rocky's wounds have actually come from Simon.

Occasionally they lick each other on the head, but that usually ends up with hissing and ears put back.

Of course there was that one time that we had Rocky up on the kitchen counter, doctoring one of his wounds. It was a particularly bad one and the treatment was painful. Rocky yowled as if he was being tortured. I was the one holding him while Will dealt with the wound and Simon actually came over to me and attacked my leg. I mean, full on attacked. I don't know if he thought he was next or if he was trying to protect his brother.

These cats. My boys. They bring me endless joy and entertainment. They also love to torture me, but a little snuggling on my lap and I forget all about it!


  1. Because Simon is looking sideways at Rocky, and they're so far apart, it's almost like he doesn't trust him. Which is kind of funny, and cute and silly all at once. :)

  2. I love your story so much. Cat life is very interesting! I miss my old girl-cat. She was 16 in human years when she passed on a few years ago. My high school boyfriend gave her to me for my 15th birthday. It's good that your boy-cats at least tolerate each other! :)


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