Wednesday, March 25

This is driving me crazy.

It's weird. Last week I rearranged the furniture in my office/craft room, cleaned up the closet and got rid of some things that I don't really need anymore. My computer seemed to power up after that...I figured it enjoyed getting dusted off or something. And then suddenly at the end of the week, everything started going wrong and it's getting worse every day. I am not panic stricken since I have been planning on getting a new computer anyway, but it is annoying and frustrating. And I can't get any of my photo work done so I am totally behind on scanning and what not.

I thought that perhaps I got a virus, but I ran my virus scan and it came up clean. I tried running my PC Tune-Up and it couldn't even make it through the first two steps. I got all kinds of weird error messages and then it crashed. Not a good sign.

Today my image files wouldn't open and Photoshop wouldn't open so I had to restart the computer. Everything worked until all the icons on the desktop disappeared and none of my applications would open. Had to restart again. I tried to turn it off when we left the house and it wouldn't turn off. I finally had to turn it via the button on the tower. Now Outlook Express won't let me send an emails or delete anything. What the hell?

We're taking the girls back to ABQ tomorrow and so we're going to visit the Apple Store there. I am hoping upon hope that they have the iMac configuration that I want in stock so that I can bring it home and be done with this PC mess. If not, I'll order it and hopefully have it early next week. This is driving me crazy.

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