Monday, March 30

I'm tired.

There for awhile, I was sleeping better and better. One week I even slept through the night three or four times. I had great hope that I was "cured" from my perpetual insomnia. That I was going to become a "normal" sleeper again.

But no.

The past couple of weeks it has gotten bad and I am starting to feel like I am bottoming out again. So tired, all the time. Feel like a zombie. Not depressed, but vaguely depressed. Little things bother me more than they should. I am not getting enough done during the day.

I don't know what it is. I sleep too lightly perhaps. The cats remain a large part of the problem. They wake me up at odd hours of the night and it keeps me from getting restful sleep.

I wish I knew what I did that one week to conquer the problem.

I wish.

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