Tuesday, February 10

Yesterday we went to the train station

in Lamy (about 30 minutes outside of Santa Fe) to pick up our friend Stephanie.

At the train station in

It's a lovely old train station, built in 1880 and not much changed since then. We got there early and I shot a roll of film in Garret's Yashica which was fun. I don't get out with that camera enough and one day I am going to have to give it back! I also took a few digital shots because I always need a tiny bit of instant gratification. I think when we drop Steph off on Friday, I'll take the Polaroid Automatic 250 and shoot some Polaroid 100 Chocolate.

Will liked this big cloud so I took a picture of it for him.

Big Cloud.

It is an awfully nice cloud.

I liked the wooden benches inside of the station.

I also really liked the tile in the bathroom.

I even took a picture of myself in the mirror, something that I haven't done in a long time.

I haven't done this in a long time.

Pretty exciting, right?

Actually, it was fun to go out there. I love trains and watching the train from the west arrive and depart and then the train from the east (which Steph was on) arrive made me very excited about our upcoming train trip.

Will and I need to take field trips more often.

This morning it snowed for awhile although there wasn't much accumulation. We took Steph over to my parents' house and then strolled up Canyon Road. I took some polas but haven't scanned them yet. This afternoon she and Will have been hiding out in the studio recording songs and I started a new knitting project.

No complaints here.

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