Wednesday, February 11


I *finally* started the Big Bad Baby Blanket, a pattern that can be found in Stitch'n Bitch: The Knitter's Handbook. It's going well so far, but there are many more inches to go!

Yesterday we received our new Steelers glasses. Shot glasses for Will.

And pint glasses for me.

Very happy with both the sets. The shot glasses are super heavy duty. I was impressed.

Both packages arrived via UPS. We hadn't see our UPS man since before the SuperBowl so the minute I opened the door, he said, "Don't say anything...I know that smile." Heh. He *hates* the Steelers.

In other football news, Brett Favre announced his retirement. No surprise there and frankly, I hope that he really stays retired this time. I love him, but there's no need to play another year and end up with an embarrassing end to a otherwise impressive career.

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