Tuesday, December 9

It snowed a little bit today.

Not much, but still, it was a nice change of pace considering that it's December! The warmer than usual weather is...well, warm, but it throws me off too. There should be snow this time of year. I was happy to run in the falling snow this morning. Even when it's cold, running in the snow just makes me smile.

Later in the morning, we took a bunch of stuff to the frame shop and picked out frames and mats. That was kind of exciting, though I have to say that it's a good thing Will has an excellent eye for that sort of thing because I don't. A couple of items are holiday gifts, but mostly it was prints that we've had laying around forever, waiting to be framed properly. So we can check that off our list.

And then there was knitting and wasting of time on the internet and what not. Now Will and the cats have all gathered in the room with me so I guess that means I need to end this post. It's hard to blog when there's not much to report. I just wanted to say hi.


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