Wednesday, December 24

All I want for Christmas

is a good night of sleep. Seriously! This week has been bad in the sleep department and I have no idea why. I don't feel particularly stressed out, but maybe I am, I don't know. Last night I tossed and turned and turned and tossed. The cats started rustling around early, insisting that they wanted to go out. Usually they get up at 4:30 or 5:00 so I figured it was around that time. I finally gave in and got up to let them out even though it was like FIVE DEGREES outside. They won't go out during the day when the sun is shining, but they'll go out during the coldest part of the morning? Go figure. I don't know what they hell they have to do at 4:30 in the morning that is so damn important. Anyway, I decided that I might as well stay up...until I got into the kitchen and saw that it was actually only 4:15. Good grief! Of course I had to wait for the cats to come home before I could go back to bed because I didn't want them to be stuck outside for hours. They came in around 5:00 and I got to doze for about another hour. I'm hoping that I sleep well tonight, but I didn't sleep last Christmas Eve so there's no telling.

I think I may have to wimp out of running today as the temperature is something like 15 feels like 3 degrees! I love the snow, but I am not psyched about my running schedule getting thrown off. Oh well.

Later this afternoon, we're heading over to my folks' house to help dad put out the farolitos. When it gets dark, dad usually builds a luminaria (bonfire) and people carol around the light and warmth. It's a nice tradition. We'll probably do the Canyon Road walk again too since my sister will be here and she's never been on the Christmas Eve walk before (despite the fact that my parents have lived here since the 70's). Here are the photos from last year.

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