Monday, June 3

List no. 15 :: Sleepy times.

  1. When I have multiple restless nights, I start getting really spaced out during the day.
  2. And I have more of a tendency to be a total klutz.
  3. Like this morning, I broke my cereal bowl from childhood.
  4. And over the weekend, I put the clothes in the washer, added the soap, turned it on and walked off without closing the lid.
  5. So when we got home from running errands, the clothes were soaking in gray water.
  6. I leave the house and then can't remember if I locked the back door.
  7. I put perishable items in the cupboard instead of the fridge.
  8. I wander around the house, wondering what it is that I set out to do when I got up.
  9. The other day, I totally forgot that I let Rocky out front and he disappeared down the driveway.
  10. Luckily, when I called him, he came right back.
  11. I trip over my own feet. Over invisible things on the floor. Over the cats.
  12. And it's harder to get things done because my focus is fuzzy and I am easily distracted.
  13. Basically, my brains feel like scrambled eggs much of the time.
  14. Perhaps these are already "senior moments" for me, but I'll keep pretending it's the restless nights.
[Currently behind by two lists, but I refuse to throw in the towel just yet!]

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