Wednesday, June 27


[Polaroid SLR 680 SE + expired Polaroid 600 film]

I couldn't resist the sunflowers at Trader Joe's yesterday. They look lovely in the kitchen underneath the skylight.

Will requested sunflowers in the garden this year so I planted some seeds for him. Only a few are poking up, and my fingers are crossed with the hope that they will get big and tall. Sunflowers grow like weeds at the front of our property, but back where our house is, I've never had luck with seeds. Go figure.

I know it's hot everywhere and it's tiresome to hear people complain about the heat, but...I hope this heatwave breaks soon. Our house is like an oven. No joke. I am sitting here sweating as I type and I even have a ceiling fan right over my head. Not to mention that we could really use some rain. It is so so dry here. And hot. Hot, hot, hot. When it's this hot, everything starts to feel surreal after awhile. Like we're all caught between dreams and reality.

Things are slow for me. I worked on knitting and felting for two or three weeks straight and now sales have slowed at the local shop so I don't really need to make more stuff yet. This leaves me with not a ton to do and that makes me a bit crazy. (Along with the heat.) I need to come up with a good project for myself. Or even better, I need to get out of the house! I'd love to go on a  photo adventure, but this heat keeps me from wanting to spend much time outside. I think I might go see a movie today. Maybe Moonrise Kingdom. That gets me out of the house and it includes air conditioning! Win win!

(And, in case you were wondering, I am still hoping to find a part-time job, but there's not much out there and I haven't had any luck yet. So it goes. I take it as a sign that I need to enjoy all this "free time" while it's there.)

Hope you all are staying cool.

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  1. Did you ever make it to see Moonrise Kingdom?!


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