Saturday, March 10

The road trip on Instagram.

The trip to Pittsburgh was awesome. Well, actually, being in Pittsburgh was awesome, the driving part was a lot of time in the car, knitting and listening to The Hunger Games trilogy. Driving east, the days were especially long and by nightfall, we usually just ate, found a hotel and conked out. (Two 10 hour days + one 6 hour day.) I always have such visions of taking lots of pictures along the way, but in reality, we usually have to push through without too many stops. So I usually end up just taking photos with my phone to entertain myself.

Here are most of the Instagram shots from the trip. There are some that I took in Pittsburgh, but the majority are from the road. And the majority are part of my "hotel carpet series."

You can check out all my Instagram photos here.


  1. i've really enjoyed following your insta.gram photo vacation, especially the carpet shots. :)

    i was just thinking of the hunger games audio for my trip next week, going to look into it right now!

  2. Where are you two staying that you found such AMAZING carpets? So many good photos - I love the one of your feet in the mirror. Such a great idea for a series. I'd love to see all the carpets assembled into one giant square. Beautiful photo diary!

  3. I love your series of 'hotel carpet' photos. Hotels have the best (worst?) carpets. :)

  4. Hello all, It has been a wild week, a business trip with a toddler! Yup, not very glamorous, crazy, but actually really fun.Like your article and pictures.


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