Friday, September 2

And now I am 41.


Turning 40 last year didn't bother me at all, but for some reason, in my silly head, turning 41 means pushing 50. Which is kind of scary.

And I'll reiterate that I know it's silly, yes, because obviously at 41, I am not even halfway to 50!

It's just a numbers thing.

I usually wax nostalgic on my birthday...but not today. This past year has been difficult but not unbearable and all is well today. So I'll leave it at that for now.

Today I ended up spending a good part of the afternoon messing up self-portrait shots and feeling vaguely stressed about "wasting" so much of my instant film. My not-so-very-cheap instant film. But oh well, it just happens sometimes and I am lucky enough to have lots more film waiting to be used.

Now I am just waiting, I guess, and looking forward to a lovely evening on the patio at the Terra Bar. I shall report back about food this weekend!

Hope all of you lovelies have a splendid weekend! xo


  1. Birthday's are funny that way. My husband was totally fine when he turned 30, but then when he turned 33 he got really weird about it. I'll probably do that same.

    But this is a lovely lovely self portrait! :D

  2. I only feel sad/nostalgic (for my youth) when I get too critical of my newly-forming wrinkles, the times I spend lingering in front of the mirror too long, pulling them back, so that their shadows recede... *sigh*

    I'm last birthday felt so meaningless. All I wanted to do really is eat all the pizza, cake, and ice cream that I could fit in my belly!

    I forgot to take a self portrait this last year. It's a splendid tradition, and you took sweet ones. :)


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