Friday, August 12

Arts & Crafts Show at the Santa Fe Plaza.

After a few moments of panic in the week before the craft show, every thing ended up going smoothly and we were quite pleased with our booth set up. Participating in this show was A LOT of work, and I could not have managed all the display related stuff without my wonderful husband, Will. In addition to lugging around everything in his truck and then on his hand truck, he made lovely wooden pedestals to showcase some of the bowl and coaster sets. We didn't use too much else for display purposes since my work is colorful and eye-catching enough on its own.

Both days were super hot without much cloud coverage. We were directly situated in the afternoon sun, of course, but we survived, drinking lots of water and keeping both ends of the tent open to keep a bit of a cross breeze going. I think it was close to 90 each day, not ideal for standing around in a tent! Even all the people walking around were fatigued by the hot weather. And I suspect it did not help with sales as many people couldn't bear to think about wool!

This is actually the back entrance to the tent; the front entrance faced another row of booths directly on the Plaza. It was pretty busy downtown both days and most of the time we had a pretty good flow of lookers. A lot of nice compliments about my work. (And a lot of comments about going home and making their own felted bags. It's nice to know I inspire people, but I always think it's a little odd to tell someone you are going to go home and make what they've spent some much time working on. That's a comment best left to oneself.) All in all it was a good learning experience and I am very glad that I participated in the show.

I actually have quite a bit of stock left though so please feel free to browse the Mad Orange Shop. Some things still need to be photographed so there will be more to come in the weeks ahead. I have loads of different colors of purses, bowls and coasters, so if you don't see what you need, please email me!

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