Saturday, April 16



I am sorry to report that my insomnia has gotten really bad again lately and I am having quite a hard time. The lack of sleep interferes with my life way too much and it is so frustrating to me. It's one thing not to get good sleep every once in awhile, but after 4 years of this bullshit, I am at a complete loss. And nothing I take seems to help. Herbal remedies, melatonin, sleeping pills, calcium magnesium at bedtime and all the other various tips and tricks that seem to work for other folks. Nothing works for me.

The funny thing is that last week I had 3 nights that I actually slept through the night. Three nights! That hasn't happened in years. But hand in hand with that has come many more terrible nights.


Sorry to complain, but after a week of restless nights, I am at an all time low this morning.

I hope to get some sleep soon and be back here more consistently with lots of happy things to share.


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  1. I'm sorry to hear your sleep problems are not letting up....but that picture is really pretty.
    Sending good restful sleepy vibes.. xoxo


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