Monday, March 22

At last!

If you are a Polaroid addict like me, then you have heard all about this today. I just can't help but write about it a little.

The Impossible Project had their big press conference today about the new instant films that they have developed. Available on March 25th, the first two films are black and white integral films, one for the SX-70 cameras and one for the 600 cameras.

The packaging in and of itself is stunning and so far all the images I have seen are absolutely beautiful. The whole collection is here.

At $21 for 8 shots, it's not something I can really stock up on, but I definitely will be buying a handful of packs to try out. It's too hard to resist even though I should be pulling my purse strings tighter, not loosening them up.

It's pretty amazing that this group of people put there heads together and not only started this venture but have now also produced new instant film. Mind-blowing, in fact. Perhaps a whole new era for instant film.

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