Friday, January 29

Everything is going to be fine.

My friend Jami Attenberg has a new novel out called The Melting Season. It's a great read, perhaps my favorite of her books so far, and it's gotten quite a bit of press. She's getting ready to head out on a book tour so please go see her if she has a reading in your town. And go by the book. Sadly we won't be able to attend any of her readings, but we are hoping to catch up with her in Las Cruces for a night as that's the closest she'll get to us on her drive from San Diego to Austin.

Anyway, awhile back, Jami asked her artist friends to create something inspired by the book. After my initial panic, I did manage to come up with a nice idea and created the cross stitch piece in the above photo. It was quite a lot of fun to do and I'm happy that Jami invited me to the project.

Read more about my piece here and see (or listen) to the other pieces here.

(Now I have this hanging on the wall above my computer as a reminder that yes, everything is going to be fine.)

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