Monday, August 10

'Tis the preseason.

Of football, that is. This summer is flying by...I can hardly believe we're already a week into August! And today we are officially one month away from the first game of the season. That first game being a Steelers game! Woohoo! (And okay, we're going to have out-of-town guests that evening and miss at least half the game, if not all of it, but still, it's exciting.) Preseason is not so exciting to me, but I do plan to check out the game on Thursday and I'm sure I'll peek at some of the other games that are aired throughout this month. Preseason is a nice little taste of football, but it never gets me revved up. The real football fever never begins until September. I'm looking forward to it.

As per usual, I have mostly taken the summer off. Yes, I read the headlines and follow the big stories, but I don't turn the NFL Network on every single morning and/or evening. So I don't have too many thoughts about the upcoming season. I am dreading the media coverage of Tom Brady, dissecting his every move in a season back from injury. I am curious to see how badly Josh McDaniels chokes on some of the decisions he has made in the past few months. And while I have few expectations about the Steelers season, I have to say that I don't think we are going to have the post-SuperBowl slump that we had after our last SuperBowl win. I really don't see Tomlin letting that happen. I don't know what to make of our schedule. Based on last season's standings, it appears that we have a pretty "easy" schedule, but who knows what those same teams are going to be like this season. Besides, so-called easy schedules aren't necessarily a good thing. I think a challenging schedule brings out more motivation.

August also brings the aroma of green chile roasting. It's one of the best smells in the world. I love it. And I can't wait to stock up on loads of it. Yum.

Lots of August birthdays too. My mom's 70th birthday is later in the month, but we had her party this past Saturday at Rio Chama. (We had to have it before the granddaughters head off to college.) It was a great success. Mom (and Dad) had a wonderful time as did everyone else. I know I thoroughly enjoyed catching up with relatives and old family friends that we don't see that often. And the food was superb. I was positive I was going to end up with a well-done filet mignon that someone else ordered, but nope, my steak was a perfect medium rare. Delicious. It really was a splendid day.

The two days before the party, we had our two nephews staying with us. Our two nephews who barely talk to us most of the time. We weren't sure what to expect, but they were awesome. Super quiet Dylan talked up a storm the entire time. We played some endless rounds of UNO which was fun. We had pizza at Rooftop Pizzeria. Will took them to see the GI Joe movie. And the cats liked them which was pretty shocking since the cats generally don't like anyone under the age of 25. (The nephews are basically complete opposites of my nieces, the biggest difference being how quiet they are.) Of course the main activity was video games. Lots and lots of video games. Including one that Will assured me was suitable for everyone, but after a lot of cursing and prostitutes getting their throats slit, I looked at the box and saw that it was rated "M" for Mature. Oooops. Anyway, it was loads of fun having them here and I am glad we got the time with them.

I've still been knitting up a storm since my handbags are selling fairly well these days. I'll post some shots of a few more new ones tomorrow. That's about all I'll probably do this week. Knit, knit, knit and felt. And maybe pull some weeds. Yeah, I know, I have a rough life.


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