Monday, August 6

odds and ends

I'm on a borrowed laptop (which is *tiny* and hard to type on) and borrowed wireless because my new computer is now on its way back to the manufacturer for the second time. It may not be dead, but it ain't in good shape and I am hoping to receive a spiffy new black box sometime at the end of next week. So in the meantime, no photography fun online. I have a load of pictures from yesterday's hike many mushrooms! I can't wait to show you. All the different kinds blew my mind. Red, yellow, orange, white, gray, brown and on and on. All shapes and sizes.

I also can't wait to share my best ever Pola double exposure. One of my nieces stayed the weekend with us and we had a good photo shoot.

Hike on Sunday was about 9.5 miles and took about 5.5 hours. My dad pretty much killed all of us (myself, Will and Caroline). A shorter and less strenuous hike than the last one we took up to the top of Baldy, but for some reason, it did us all in. Well, except for my dad who went home and mowed the lawn, etc. We went out on the Borrego Trail and returned on some random loops that my dad picked out. It was rather hot and humid so maybe that's what wiped us out.

Oh yeah, the humidity...we moved here in part for the drier climate and so now of course it has been very humid here. Still not like the NE, but man, too humid for me.

Lee Hazlewood died today. He is one of my all-time favorites and if you don't know his music, you should definitely check it out. He has a huge discography.

Steelers won last night and we missed seeing it happen. Ugh. I tried to convinced myself that I could live without football but no can do. Reading about the game in the paper made me squirrelly. Must not miss the entire pre-season. Unacceptable. DirectTV here we come. Maybe.

I am *finally* working and while I really like my job, I am still adjusting to this full-time schedule. When am I supposed to fit the rest of my life in? How do all you people do this? I miss the more leisurely days of part-time, but I have to say that I think what I am doing now is good for me. A good learning experience, a good way to meet folks in Santa Fe and it keeps me busier than some of the office jobs than I have had in recent years. It's not an office job and while I hate coming off secretive, I am not going to tell you what or where because sometimes I don't want to be found. If you know me, you know. I also love that I get to ride my bike to work.

We have quite a bit going on the next couple of weeks and it is good, but I am looking forward to relaxing again someday. Maybe that's what I'll do for my birthday this year...RELAX. Nah, I'll probably end up hiking or something. (You like that birthday hint, no?)

Oh and so nice to have money again. Today I finally bought the new Spoon...still need the new Yeah Yeah Yeahs, but I couldn't find it today. Also picked up the new Haruki Murakami book which I cannot wait to read. I think I am going to have to lay off Hemingway for a little while. Need to find some cute new skirts but no luck so far and I have to say, life without H&M kind of sucks. Half of my favorite clothes are from there. Perhaps I shouldn't admit such things, but it is true.

On the people front, ran into my roommate from college the other day on my way to work. Not totally shocking as I knew she wanted to move back here, but still, kind of bizarre. If I hadn't gone to the P.O. on the way to work, it wouldn't have happened. And we finally met Mr. Dangerousmeta and his lovely wife the other night. We had an excellent time with them and I am very excited to have some friends in Santa Fe who aren't my parents. Or my parents' friends. And who don't talk about crystals.

Okay, enough with the babbling. I've got to go finish the laundry and maybe chill out for a few minutes. Hope you enjoyed this random update. And pardon any typos, I am telling you, this keypad is a bitch. Or whatever you call it.

Stay cool and have a fab week.

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